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Team Teaching on Outschool
Learn more about how you can form a Teaching Team on Outschool and access new enrollment opportunities through custom learning experiences.

In order to meet increasing demand for customized learning experiences and small group at-home education, Outschool is now offering a pilot program designed to allow for team teaching and help connect teams of educators with groups of learners. Through this program, we hope to help educators more easily and effectively form Teaching Teams and secure enrollments from small groups of learners interested in personalized curriculum.

How Does It Work?

This new program focuses on facilitating team teaching for small groups of learners called Learner Pods to allow for a custom Outschool experience.

Learner Pods are small groups of up to 8 learners that have applied to learn together on Outschool. As a pod, they will submit a request for classes they would like to enroll in as an exclusive group with consistent educators.

Teaching Teams are groups of 2-6 educators who have been approved by Outschool to coordinate curriculum and schedules to deliver instruction together. These teams must apply and be approved to join the program as a group; Outschool will not match individual educators with Teaching Teams. For more detail on finding your ideal co-educators, visit this guide. Each team will also need to select a team administrator who will be the primary person responsible for communication with Outschool and learner families.

Once your Teaching Team is approved, you will be eligible to create collaborative learning plans for interested learners. If you are matched with a Learner Pod, you will be responsible for:

  • Providing all requested classes according to the schedule included in their learning plan
  • Communicating with learners and families prior to and during the class period
  • Coordinating with co-educators to ensure excellent instruction is delivered to your pod

Why Team Teach With Learner Pods?

This new program meets an expressed need from Outschool learners for pod-style learning and a streamlined process for existing team-teaching groups in our community. When team-teaching a single group of learners, you have opportunity to enjoy consistent enrollments and collaborate with your co-educators to design personalized lessons and unique learning experiences. Plus, working with Learner Pods gives you the chance to form great relationships with long-term learners that encourage continued enrollments with your Teaching Team or in your individually taught classes.

How to Apply

First, you’ll need to form a Teaching Team consisting of 2-6 current Outschool educators. Then, fill out the team application here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

All current Outschool educators may apply! You must apply as a group of 2-6 educators who would like to form a Teaching Team. Learn more about finding co-educators here.

What if my team isn’t approved?
If your Teaching Team is not approved to join the program at this time, you and your chosen co-educators may still promote each other’s class listings by sharing related class URLs with families in your class listing, in the Outschool classroom, and via direct messages with families.

How does payment work?

In order to alleviate additional administrative work and potential tax implications, Outschool will handle paying out your Teaching Team. Complete payment for your team’s class section will be sent approximately 7-10 days after the section begins and will be split evenly between Teaching Team members.

Will Outschool collect any additional fees from enrollments?

No. Your Teaching Team can expect the standard 70/30% split with Outschool.

Does participating in a Teaching Team mean I can’t list other classes in the marketplace?

Being a part of a Teaching Team does not limit your ability to list classes as an individual educator. While you would be committed to providing certain private classes for your Learner Pod(s), you may always list additional classes for the general learner community.

Apply now to be approved as a Teaching Team and have access to new teaching opportunities with enthusiastic learner families.

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