Host a Sizzling Summer Camp
Check out this year’s hottest trends for summer camp classes, including popular search terms and class listing tips.

Kids and teens in the Northern Hemisphere often have a multi-month break from traditional school classes from June to August, and that means families are looking for exciting ways to fill time at home. Each year, families begin searching for summer camps on Outschool in early spring, and in 2021 most learners who attended a camp had enrolled by early June.

Camps are a great opportunity to meet different family needs in the summer. However, if you teach different types of classes that learners already love, keep it up! Learners will still be looking for the flexibility of 1-to-1, ongoing, and one-time classes during this season. We recommend updating your summer availability for all classes as soon as spring rolls around. If you’re planning on hosting a camp this summer, the earlier you can list it, the more chance you have of maxing out those enrollments!

For a class to be considered a camp by Outschool and show up on the camps search page, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. The class has live meetings (Flex classes and Groups will not be considered summer camps)
  2. Class sections start between May and August
  3. The class meets two or more times within one week. The total duration of a camp may be from one to eight weeks, and ongoing classes may be considered camps if they meet more than once per week.

Help your camp get noticed by families

To create a stand-out summer camp listing, try to:

  • Use “camp” or “summer camp” in the class title and sparingly in the course description to help your class show up in searches.
  • Create sections from May through early August, when many school breaks take place. But don’t wait to post those sections until summer starts – parents begin signing their learners up for camps in early spring!
  • Offer camps that last 3-5 days. While you may create camps that last up to eight weeks, families are often looking for shorter experiences to accommodate other summer activities on their schedule.
  • Pick a theme, skill, or project for each camp. Use the insights below, as well as parent topic requests and data on classes that need educators, to find themes for your camps that match learners’ interests.

Summer camp search and demand insights

The most popular camp topics in 2021 were art, travel (virtual tours), cooking, banking, and chess. Here’s what’s trending this year:

May 12, 2022

  • Art, Coding, and English camps are in the most demand right now.
  • Families are looking for camps on Mondays! 92% of camp searches include Monday as a filter, but there currently aren’t enough classes available to meet demand. If you teach on Mondays, get that camp listed!
  • There is also a gap in supply for Music and Health & Wellness Camps. If you teach these subjects, consider creating summer camps to fill this gap.
Popular camp search terms
finance and stock market
social skills
book club
creative writing

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