Record a course video in 5 simple steps
Follow this step-by-step guide to create a great course video that helps promote your class to prospective learners.

Recording a course video is a great way to showcase yourself and your classes to prospective families and learners. We provided some tips for creating a great course video, but also want to offer a step-by-step tutorial and script to help you get started. Making a single video should take about 30 to 60 minutes from start to finish. Once you’re comfortable with the process, you can record additional videos lasting 10 to 15 minutes each.

Step 1 – Get familiar with video software by recording a short throwaway clip

Recording a video can seem daunting, but fortunately if you’re already teaching on Outschool, you’ve got all the tools you need! If you work in Windows on a PC, use the Camera app to record a video following this how-to. If you’re on a Mac, use the Quicktime app following this how-to. And if you’re on a Chromebook, use the Camera app following this how-to.

Test the software by recording a short video of yourself. You can say “hello, hello, testing 1-2-3,” or anything else. The point is to make sure that everything is working. Save the video, and play it back. You may want to make multiple practice recordings to hear how you sound at different volumes. Congratulations, you’re on your way to making a great course video!

Step 2 – Plan what you’re going to say

If you’re great at improv or extemporaneous speaking, you might be able to make a great course video right off the bat, but most people find it helpful to think through what they’re going to say before the camera starts rolling. You can use this template as a starting point and then customize it to make your video authentic to who you are and what you teach.

Hi there, my name is [name]!

I love [topic] because [reason]. [One sentence about why you know what you’re talking about when it comes to this topic]

In this class, we’re going to [describe what your class is like]

By the end of class, you’ll be able to [describe what new skill learners will have gained or project they’ll have completed]

This class is great for learners who [describe what type of learner would be a       good fit for your class]

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Step 3 – Practice reading your script

Once you’ve written your script, read it aloud. How does it feel? Are there parts that feel awkward, or sentences that feel too long? Consider the age-range of the learners you’d like to reach, and choose words and a tone appropriate for them.

You don’t need to memorize your speech, but refine the script and practice reading it until you feel comfortable and confident. Print out your speech in a large font so that it will be easy for you to scan while recording.

Step 4 – Find a good location

Good lighting and an appropriate background make a big difference in how your video comes across. Try to find a spot with lots of natural light in front of you and either a neutral background (like a plain wall) or one that fits with your class theme in some way. Consider  having posters, projects, artwork, or other class-appropriate items in the background. Finally, try to find a place with minimal background noise — sounds from cars, pets, or other people can distract learners from what you’re saying.

Once you’ve set up your location, record a few sample clips like you did in Step 1, and play them back to make sure everything looks and sounds good.

Step 5 – Record!

It’s showtime! Use the app on your computer to record yourself reading your script. You might want to tape the script to your computer screen so you can easily read it while looking directly into the camera. If you get nervous and trip over some of your words — or if there is some unexpected noise in the background — simply stop recording, and try again. Record two or three clips that you feel satisfied with, and pick your favorite.

Once you have a course video that you’re happy with, upload it to your class listing to encourage families to enroll. We can’t wait to see what you create! If you have tips of your own or are looking for feedback and advice from other teachers, chat with us in the Teacher Community.

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