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Parent Topic Requests and Searches
An up-to-date list of parent topic requests.

Every two weeks, we compile a list of the new topic requests and search terms submitted by parents to serve as inspiration for educators creating Outschool classes. If any of these topics match your area of expertise, we recommend creating a class that Outschool families are interested in.

For more class inspiration, check out recent data on classes that need educators, Outschool enrollment trends, and global class searches.

Learn more about parent topic requests here.

May 12th, 2022

Traditional Chinese Dance
Reptile Drawing Class
Animal Scratch Art Unit
Drawing Dolls
Waldorf Art
AutoCAD Architecture

World Languages
Preschool Spanish
Beginner Korean
Japanese Tutoring
Thai Language Classes
Introduction to Latin
AP French

Life Skills
Mechanics of Vehicles
Hair Braiding
How to Build Forts, Hideouts and Tents
Electrical Circuits Level 7
Advanced Cursive
Fishing and Tying Flies
Slime Making
Magic the Gathering
SAT and ACT Review

Hip Hop Dance Classes for Social Emotional Learning
Beginner Piano

Number Blocks
Skip Counting
Kindergarten Summer Math
Math U See
Grade Level Math Assessment Test

Science and Nature
Learn About Animals
Sea Creatures of the Deep Sea
Strange Pet Show and Tell
Introduction to Physics and Quantum Physics
Scientific Investigation

Social Studies
All about Denmark; Land, Climate and Culture
Learn About Amish Life
Taiwan Culture and Food
Washington State History
Mythology for High School

Bad Kitty Book Club
Nancy Drew Book 1 Book Club
Encanto Book Club
Babysitters Club Book Series
Essay Class for Teenagers
How to Write About a Scientific Research Paper

Coding and Tech
Retro Gaming
Fortnite Squad Build
3D Printing Pen
Pixelmon Java

April 28th, 2022

Draw a Pitcher
Theater, Singing and Dancing Classes
French Reading Books and Fairy Tales
5 Gestalt Principles Art Class
Chibi Animation Facial Expressions
Drawing Wings of Fire Dragons
Polymer Clay Realistic Figures
Glass Painting
Ukulele Crash Course
Scratch Art with Scratch Board

World Languages
Immersive Mandarin Chinese
Bengali Language Class
Beginner French Spring Break Camp
High School Spanish III

Life Skills
Handwriting Tutor
Bike Maintenance
Leadership for Elementary Kids
Demon Slayer Social Chat
How to Start a Pet Sitting Business
Car Club
Ninja Warrior Fitness Obstacle Training
How to be in Beauty Pageant

Hip Hop Dance Classes for Social Emotional Learning
Individual Piano Lessons
Orchestra or String Quartet Ensemble

Odd and Even Numbers
2nd Grade Full Math Curriculum
Right Start Math
Money for Teens
Georgia Milestones Math

Science and Nature
Learn About Animals
Properties of Magnets
Advancements in Environmental Conservation
Astronomy Club

Social Studies
Storytelling and World History
Greek History for Kids
World War 1 & II Survey Class

Multisyllabic Reading
Public Speaking and Writing
Magic Tree House Merlin Missions Book Club
Summer Vocabulary Camp with Wordly Wise
Avengers Paragraph Class

Coding and Tech
How to Create a Webtoon
How to Create on YouTube
Python Beginners Coding Class
Coding with Bloxels Class
ProCreate for Beginners
3D Game Making Course
AP Computer Science Principles
General Computer Science

April 14th, 2022

Make Original Origami with Easter Theme
Chibi Animation Facial Expressions
Spring Break Painting Class
Sisu the dragon
Polymer Clay Corki

World Languages
Full Immersion German
Learn to Speak American
Spanish Courses for Kids
Intermediate French Lessons
Ukrainian Language, Reading and Culture

Life Skills
GF Baking or Food Making
Beginner Makeup for Fun
Nutrition and Food Groups
Beginner Ventriloquism
Juggling for Beginners
Pokemon Related Emotional Regulation Classes
Rubic Cubing Club
World Flavors Easy Dinners
Pilot Training Flight Simulator

Learn How to Be a DJ
Traditional Chinese Dance
Singing with Sheet Music
Blackpink Dance Class

2B Singapore Math
Second Grade Math Measurement
Equivalent Fractions
Grade 4 Long Division
Pre Algebra 2 Summer Pod

Science and Nature
Stages of Pregnancy for Siblings
Fairy (Miniature) Garden Workshop
Plants, Herbs and Botany

Social Studies
Famous Tall Buildings with a Craft or Activity
American History Class During the Summer
Indigenous Australia
Cowboys of Movies and Around the World
New York State History

Small Short Words Reading
Full Year of First Grade
Dogman Reading Comprehension
Dork Diaries Book Club
Evolution of the Alphabet
Citing Sources
Keeping Track of Research Note

Coding and Tech
STEM CL7: Electrical Circuits Level 7
How to Publish a Roblox Game
Fun Introduction to Robots
How to Use Figma
Beginner Class Final Cut Pro

March 31st, 2022

Beginning Ballet Dance
Hip Hop for Beginners
Art in Spanish
Latin American Art
Looney Tunes Character Drawing

World Languages
Spanish Immersion for Toddlers
American Sign Language
Learn Ukrainian
Romanian Language
Russian Alphabet, Numbers and Colors
Immersive Spanish
Japanese for Beginners

Life Skills
Creative Public Speaking Activities
Scavenger Hunts or Treasure Hunts
Hair Braiding and Styling
Social Emotional Learning
Fortune Cookie Making
Marble Run Build Challenges

Singing Basics

PSAT 8th Grade Math
Jacob’s Algebra
Calculus 2
SAT Math Exam
Japanese Abacus Soroban

Science and Nature
Quantum Physics for Kids
Science Experiments
Astronomy, Planets, Science
Amazing Animal Facts
AP Biology
Nature Journaling

Social Studies
Learn the State Capitals
Learn the Presidents
Geography Exploring Countries and Continents
War Battle Ships on the Seas
Legend of Zelda and Mythology

Firehawk Bookclub
How to Write a Rap Song
Fabula Deck for Kids Storytelling Class
Reading and Writing Phonics
English Language Arts Grade 3
Cambridge English

Coding and Tech
Coding for Beginner Games
How to Use Pages, Numbers on a Mac
How to Make a Podcast
Information Technology
Stop Motion with Building Bricks
Typing for Word, Office Skills

March 17th, 2022

Freeze Dance Classes
Dancing Dinosaur Party
Origami Class or Paper Folding
Technical Drawing for 10-15-year-olds
Alcohol Marker Flex Class
Easter Themed Arts & Crafts
AP Art History Group Study / Test Prep
Private Watercolor class

World Languages
Italian for Young Learner
Georgian Language for Beginners
Japanese for Beginners
Japanese Katakana and Kanji (Flexible schedule only)

Life Skills
Juggling Instruction
Play Dragon Ball Fighter Z Social Group
Plants vs Zombies Discussion
Fortune Cookie Makers
Waldorf Style Morning Circle
All About Periods: Anatomy, Hormones, and More
High School Portfolio Development

Music Talent Show for Kids
How to play a Kalimba or Thumb Piano
Creating Music Online
Writing Music Lyrics

Colors and Numbers Math
Frozen Math First Grade
Montessori Fractions with Insects
Numberblocks Math Class
Geometry Tutoring
Beast Academy Math

Science and Nature
Names of Animals and their Food
Aviation Learning About Airplanes
Microbiology Class Full Week
Biomes of North America
Summer Science Fair Middle School
High School Physics

Social Studies
Gaudi’s Architecture
Civil War and Civil Rights
Mickey Mouse History
California History
Civics and Government History Class

Native American Poetry
7th and 8th Grade English
Private Creative Writing
High School Literature Class
Spy Girl Series by Jillian Todd
Project Proposal Writing

Coding and Tech
Mojang Minecraft for Beginners
ProCreate for Kids
Basic Computer Skills

March 3rd, 2022

Toddler Dance
Waldorf Drawing
High School Musical Theater
Travel Photography
Adobe Filmmaking
Calligraphy Writing Skills
Wood Burning
Industrial Design

World Languages
Brazilian Portuguese
Doodling in French
Tamil Conversation
Beginner Korean Writing, Reading and Speaking
Khmer Language
Katakana Class for Beginners
Norwegian Class

Life Skills
Conversation Skills for Teens
Grain Free Cooking
Online Media
Soapbox Derby Car Building
Time Management Class
How to Make Deviled Eggs
Fidget Toys for Teens
Remote Control Car Repair
Mochi Japanese Cooking

Tabla Drumming
Zumba and Motown Music

Mental Math
Money Value for Younger Learners
Eureka Math
Ratios and Rates for 6th Grade
Algebraic Expressions

Science & Nature
Rock, Minerals and Gemstone Club
Astrophysics Tutoring
Periodic Table Trivia
Feeder Insect Care for Reptiles
Red Pandas
Aviation and Plane Crashes
Agriculture Geography
Vet Science
Middle School Science

Social Studies
Ukraine History, Culture, and Current Information
World War 1 Overview
Lithuania Facts, Geography and History

Fairy Tale Mysteries
Advanced Debate Class
Adaptive Reading

Coding and Tech
Intermediate Python

February 17th, 2022

Dance Routines to Hero Songs
How to Draw a Galaxy
Anime Art for Beginners
Making Costumes with Animated Heads
Engineer Drawing for Teens
Photography Using Plastic Building Blocks
Charcoal Drawing

World Languages
Beginner Finnish

Stop Motion Using Hue Animation Studio
Escape Room Coding and Robotics
Tynker Coding Class
Build a PC

Practice Letter Formation
Segmenting Words
Story Elements
Writing a College Essay
Spelling B Prep
Screenwriting Course, Flexible Schedule

Health and Wellness
Hygiene and Bathing
Soccer Intro

Life Skills
Drone Flying Summer Camp
How to Set up a Business
Soccer Intro
Braiding Hair
Fire Safety
Email Marketing
Finances for Beginners

Number Blocks
Grade 2 Math in French
Counting Canadian Currency
Using Counting Bars

Violin Class
Viola Tutoring for Concert Music

Science & Nature
Guinea Pig Care and Information
Science Human Anatomy
Medical School Basics
Veterinary Animal Science
General Dragon Info
Biology Semester 2 with Labs
Anatomy Flex Class
Disease and Medical Business

Social Studies
Exploring Barcelona, Spain
Greek Historic Sites
Acids Bases, and Salts
1:1 Science Olympiad Research Help
History of Country Music

February 3rd, 2022

Frozen Dance and Sing Class
African and Samba Dance
Origami or Paper Folding
Weekly Hip Hop Dance
Black Pink Dance K-Pop
Drafting Graphics
Mechanical Technical Drawing

World Languages
Arabic Letters and Sounds
Dual Immersion Preschool
Bengali Language
Korean for Beginners
Spanish PreSchool
Introduction to Polish
Romanian Conversational Language

Gifted Coding
Solid Works Design and Modeling Software
Computer for Beginners

Pop-it Sight Words
Basic of Book Writing
Using Fortnite in English
SAT Grammar
9th Grade English

Health and Wellness
Hygiene and Bathing
Girl Talk about Periods
Teen Sports Nutrition

Life Skills
Gaming Trivial Social Group
Sign Language for Kids
Learn Wrestling Moves
Roblox with Girls Social Club
Fidget Show and Tell
Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking and Baking
Self Confidence Class
Learn to Tell Time

Number Bonds for Kindergarten
Basic 3rd and 4th Grade Math
Ongoing Piano Keyboard lessons for beginners
Using a Scientific Calculator
Algebra 1 in French

Music and Art Pod
Ukulele Camp

Science & Nature
How to make a Diorama
Care of Cockatiels
Climate Change
Middle School Biology and Cell Function
Dolphin Trainer, What They Do

Social Studies
50 States of America (USA)
Haitian Revolution
Saint Augustine Fort Mose as a Slave Refuge
History of Guatemala

January 19, 2022

Make your own Hot Wheels Car
Dragon Girls Book Draw and Chat
Beginning Knitting
Draw Squishmallows
Valentine Acrylic Canvas
How to Crochet a Duck
Museum Masterpiece Class
Pottery Club
Architecture/Interior Design
Costume Design for Theater

World Languages
American Sign Language for Preschool
Bilingual Dinosaur Classes for Littles
Korean Alphabet Letters
Learn Hawaiian
Swedish Language
Polish Language

Pokemon Unite Video Game
Beginning Coding for High Schoolers

Starter Reading Class
Artemis Fowl Book Series
Public Speaking and Debate
Essay Writing for the Beginner
How to Create a Visual Novel

Health and Wellness
Bubble Tea Instructions

Life Skills
Kindergarten Homeschool Social Group
Pokemon Themed Birthday Party
Online Gaming Safety
Comic Book Creators Discussion Club
Exam Taking Strategies
Survive Skills by a Marine
Mining Cryptocurrency
Basic Car Mechanics

Singapore Math for Kindergarten
Ghostbuster Themed Math
Division in Spanish
Saxon Math 8/7
Algebra 2
College Algebra
CLEP Algebra

Science & Nature
The Science of Candy
Reptile Classes
Celestial Navigation Like Moana
Second Grade Science
Eighth Grade Science

Social Studies
Korean Lunar New Year
Canadian Social Studies
High School Physics
History of South Asia
Anthropology Basics

January 5th, 2022

  1. PreK Learning Numbers
  2. Three and Two Digit Addition
  3. Kindergarten Site Words
  4. Songs for Kids in Spanish
  5. German Immersion Classes
  6. Beginner Knitting Class
  7. How to Draw a Pop It
  8. Python Turtle Module
  9. My Hero Academia
  10. Hip Hop Dance
  11. Fresh Water Fish Care
  12. Growing my Twitter Account
  13. Drawing with Posca Pens
  14. Anime Drawing Party
  15. Turish Language
  16. Learn to Play a 6 Hole Flute
  17. Basic Lasso Skills
  18. Cricut for Beginners
  19. History of the Railroads
  20. Acadians History, Settlement and Culture
  21. Cockatiel Care
  22. Introduction to Publish Speaking
  23. Beginner Bugle Lessons
  24. One-Time Polymer Clay Animals Classes
  25. Gradening in Raised Beds
  26. Coin Collection
  27. Geocaching
  28. Hatching Chickens
  29. Read and Analyze Poetry
  30. Escape Rooms
  31. AutoCAD for Architecture
  32. How to Make Bento Boxes
  33. Percussion Instruments
  34. Animated Movie Creation
  35. Short Stories Discussion Group
  36. High School Chemestry with Lab
  37. Flex Class on Animal Behavior
  38. Classical Latin Language
  39. Gender Studies
  40. NASCAR Motorsports
  41. Money Management for Teens
  42. Oboe Lessons
  43. Haiku Writing for Intermediate Students
  44. Weight Lifting
  45. Visual Arts Portfolio Development
  46. Multi-Disciplinary Science for Upper Middle School 
  47. Domestic Feline Genetics
  48. Stock Market Investing for Beginners
  49. Prepare for American Math Competition
  50. History, Culture and Landmarks of Ecuador

December 9th, 2021

  1. Preschool French
  2. Wikki Stix Projects
  3. Story Time with Actors
  4. Geodes
  5. Water Cycle
  6. Dragons
  7. Singapore Math
  8. French Phonics
  9. Art in Spanish
  10. Christmas Painting
  11. Virtual Reaity
  12. Ghostbusters Fan Club
  13. Build Cardboard Ships
  14. Bitcoin
  15. Building Robots
  16. Bulgarian Langauge
  17. Baby Yoda Crochet
  18. Write Piano Songs
  19. Writing in Spanish
  20. Virgina State History and Government
  21. Politics of Central America
  22. Biology for High School
  23. Money Mangement for Teens
  24. Readers Theater
  25. Human Anatomy
  26. Diamond Art
  27. Hip Hop Preschool Class
  28. Watercolor Techniques
  29. Introduction to Shakesphere
  30. Oral Story Telling
  31. Economics of South Amerivca
  32. Spanish Immerstion Classes
  33. Tying Shoe Laces
  34. Vivo Music Dance
  35. Eureka Math
  36. Chinese Characters for Beginners
  37. BBQ Meats for Smoking
  38. How to make Sushi
  39. Animal Jam
  40. Guinea Pig Behavior
  41. Pokemon Baking club
  42. Bill Nye the Science Guy
  43. Fishing Club
  44. Salt Dough Ornaments
  45. High Level Acting
  46. Cool Ocean Animals
  47. Hydrolic Machines
  48. Foreign Exchange Market
  49. Pop-it Fidget Math Classes
  50. Fractions

November 25th, 2021

  1. Russian Language
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Cardboard Architecture
  4. Clifford The Big Red Dog
  5. Irish Dancing
  6. How to tie shoes
  7. Dentistry
  8. Turkey Anatomy
  9. Eureka Math
  10. How to Make a Diorama
  11. Percussion for Beginners
  12. Smoking Meats
  13. Voice Lessons
  14. Basketball Rules
  15. Katakana and Kanji
  16. Make Cat Toys
  17. Ghostbusters Drawing Class
  18. Body Systems
  19. Swedish for Beginners
  20. Prezi Video Software
  21. Build Hydraulic Machines
  22. Roald Dahl
  23. Farm Machinery
  24. Digital Arts
  25. Latin
  26. Dragons
  27. Polymer Clay Snowman
  28. 3D Printing
  29. Make Bubble Tea
  30. Beatboxing
  31. Friendship Bracelets
  32. ACT and SAT Prep
  33. Swift Coding
  34. How to make a Blueprint
  35. Pre-Calculus
  36. Herpetology
  37. Knitting for Beginners
  38. Dungeons and Dragons Essay Writing
  39. Fashion Merchandising and Buying
  40. Trigonometry
  41. Ocean Animals
  42. Graphic Novels
  43. Gluten Free Baking
  44. Electrical Circuits
  45. Classic Books Book Study
  46. Architecture Basics
  47. Fidget Toys
  48. Design Sports Uniforms
  49. Writing Workshop
  50. Showing Chickens

November 11th, 2021

  1. Beginner Math
  2. Finger Math
  3. Super Wings Show and Tell
  4. 1:1 Minecraft Classes
  5. Painting Excavator, tractors and Cars
  6. Brazilian Portuguese
  7. Story Time with Literature
  8. Tying lace classes for Math and Letters
  9. Mbot Coding
  10. Geodes
  11. Animal Jam
  12. Ada Lace Adventure Books
  13. Word Problems for Elementary Learners
  14. Pokemon Sheik
  15. Vegan Cooking
  16. Fractions
  17. Pop It Classes 
  18. Math 10 Frames
  19. Mario Party Superstars
  20. Chicken and Chick Care
  21. Draw Dogman Comic
  22. Frogs
  23. Shurley English
  24. Virtual Rainforest Trip
  25. Meteorology
  26. Moon Cycles 
  27. Fishing Club or Group
  28. Marine Biology
  29. Bill Nye the Science Guy
  30. Pigeon Drawing Class
  31. Filipino Culture
  32. Blockbench
  33. Skylander Social Club
  34. 3D Printing
  35. Stop Motion Club
  36. Goosebump Books
  37. Native American History
  38. Python Coding Level 2
  39. Core British Curriculum
  40. Astronomy Exploration for High School
  41. How to Create a Non Profit Organizations
  42. Percy Jackson Social Group
  43. Quasars
  44. Beginner Ballet
  45. Future Veterinarian Doctor’s Group
  46. Pipits and Fidget Group
  47. Periodic Table 
  48. Puppy Place Fan Club Books Group
  49. Fashion Design
  50. Friendship Bracelet

October 31st, 2021

  1. Dolores Huerta, Activist
  2. Mandarin Halloween Classes
  3. My Father’s Dragon Bookclub
  4. Cello Lessons
  5. Death Valley National Park
  6. Animals and Habitats
  7. Korean Culture Tourism Class
  8. Introduction to Microsoft Office
  9. Note Taking Strategies
  10. Kahoot Math Games
  11. Pixelmon
  12. Puberty Classes
  13. Softball Techniques
  14. Space X
  15. Zoe and Sassafras Bookclub
  16. Cheerleading for Beginners
  17. Reading Comprehension
  18. Tap Dance
  19. Memes Club
  20. Beast Academy Math
  21. Create Your Own Games
  22. FIFA Soccer
  23. Anime drawing
  24. Nutcracker
  25. Robotics
  26. Kerbal Space Program
  27. 7 Wonders of the World
  28. Vietnamese Language
  29. Bollywood Dance
  30. Yu gi Oh
  31. Studio Ghibli
  32. Tennis Footwork
  33. Real Estate
  34. Tai Chi
  35. Public Speaking with Confidence
  36. Calculus Tutoring
  37. Preschool ABCs
  38. Learn to play Bridge
  39. Dogman
  40. STEAM K-12 Coding
  41. Harmonica
  42. CogAt
  43. Snap Circuits
  44. Abacus
  45. Wordly Wise
  46. Charlotte Mason Classes
  47. Math Olympiad
  48. Gym Class
  49. BeatBoxing
  50. CAD Drawing

October 17th

Magic for Aspiring Magicians
Transformer Drawing
Fairy Dance Class
British Sign Language
Snap Circuits
Paper Airplane Making
French Story Time
How to use an Aerial Hammock
Latin for Young Learners
Singapore Dimension Math
Science of the Piano
Be Swarm Simulator
Persian Language
Cool Ocean Life
Pacman Frogs
Gujarati Language
German for Heritage and Nateive Speakers
Finche Care
Puerto Rico Culture
LIttle Women Book Club
Go Math
History Courses in Spanish
Ninja History
History of the Philippines
Thesis Statement Writing
Create a Nature Kit
Corgi Owners Club
Middle School Science Olympiad
History of Sleepy Hollow
All about Ferrets
Wood Working
High School Anatomy with Lab
Drivers Educator (UK)
Western Armenian Language
Veterinary Career Class for Young Learners
Finger Knitting Club
History of Guyana
Optical Illusions
English as a Second Language
Commonwealths of Countries
High School Rhetorical Essay Writing
African History and Geography
SAT Prep Class
Color Theory

October 3rd

50 Class Inspiration Ideas
Cartoon Drawing Studio
Shoe Tying
Multiplication Bootcamp
Bubble Tea
Logic of English
Themed Dance Classes
French immersion
Basic Shapes for Preschoolers
Spanish Tutor
Police Officer Training
Beginner Mandarin
Unicorn Drawing
Beatboxing for Kids
Clay Sculpting
Pink Panther
Oil Pastel
Mexican-American Studies
Bedtime Yoga
Cross Country for Distance
Squismallow Themed Classes
The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Go Pro Camera
FlipaClip Animation
Bigfoot Myths and Legends
Critical Thinking Class
Square Roots
Using a Digital Tablet
The Battle of the Alamo
Left Handed Writing
Batik Tie Dye
Guinea Pig Social Club
Public Speaking
New Mexico History
Hip Hop Violin
Algebra I
Danish Language
SAT Prep Course
Selling Photography
African Art History
Rhetorical Essay Writing
Engineering Basics
Ballet Workshop
US History 1840-1941
Project Management Skills
How to be a Chef
Colory Theory

September 19th

50 Class Inspiration Ideas

STEAM Classes
Wood Working
September 11
Boba Tea
Rube Goldberg Machines
Vocal Coach
Real Estate
Middle School Modern World History
Contortion for Dancers
Middle School Biology
British Curriculum Mathematics
Leadership Speaking
Ramen Noodles from Scratch
Advanced Javascript
Bridge for Intermediate Players
Seed Germination Lab
Introduction to Robotics
Dubstep Dance Class
Drawing and Sketching Afterschool Club
Cross Country Pacing
Pop-it Multiplication
Turkish Language
Waldorf Recorder
Pumpkin Bread
Italian Pastries
Nerf Guns
New Your City
Caring for a Sugar Glider
Kindergarten in Spanish
Waldorf Fairy Tales
SAT Prep
Ben 10 Social Club
Montessori Math
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Remembrance Day
African Art
Anime Drawing
Dinosaurs Types

September 5th

50 Class Inspiration Ideas:

Immersion Mandarin Dance Class
Fly Guy Reading Club
Shoe Painting and Decoration
TikTok Dances
Bicycle Maintenance
Fun BTS Dance Course
Musical Theater
Beginning Hula Dance
Betta Fish Care and Facts
Beam Gymnastics
Trampoline Class
Undertale Game & Cosplay
California History
Eureka Math
Netflix Babysitters Club
Modern Hebrew Language
The Owl House
Scooter Riding and Tricks
Introduction to Physics
Candle Making Social Club
Middle School USA History
How to Start a Non-Profit
Land Formations
Canadian Government
Real Estate Buying and Selling Property
Nail Technician & Nail Art
Ethiopian History
Amharic Language
Felineology & Cynology
Tahitic Māori (New Zealand) Language
Macbeth by William Shakespeare
1:1 Geometry Tutoring
Pop Culture Of the 1990 & 2002
11th Grade English
Polymer Clay Creative Classes
Home Economics
Creative Poem Writing
Studying Tips and Techniques
Middle School Book Club
Furoshiki Gift Wrapping
Famous Kid Athletes
Friends TV Show Social Club
Warrior Cat Drawing Classes
Ohio History

August 22nd

50 Class Inspiration Ideas:
All About Puberty
Coding & Game Design
Math U See
Wood Working
Roblox Safety
Boba Tea
Multiplication Bootcamp
Fire Trucks
Blues Clues
Thai Language
Kung Fu taught in Mandarin
Guinea Pigs
Singapore Math
Finger Knitting
Mentorship & Confidence Building
Right Start Math
Spelling Bee
Amharic Language
Swimming Skills
Entomology Club
Brazilian Capoeira
Pokemon Raid
Building Fairy Houses
Waldorf Circle for Older Kids
Clarinets for Beginners
SpaceX Starship History
Famous Race Horses
Chess Camp
High School Veterinary Semester Class
Russian Literature for Teens
Engineering and Architecture High School Level
Advance Game Designing
Geocaching for Beginners
3D Printing Social Club
Horseback Riding Conditioning Class
The Owl House
E-Trading for Kids
C Programming
Digimon Fan Club
Saxon Math 7/6
Public Speaking
Anime Watercolor

August 4th

50 Class Inspiration Ideas:
Chinese Bopomofo
Wilderness Survival Skills
How to build a website
African American History
Fashion Design Drawing
Fashion Design Drawing
Gaelic for Beginners
Coding for Roblox
Game Warden Careers
Make Fun Stress Toys
Cupcake Baking Competition
Gluten-Free Baking
Brawl Stars
Model UN
Magic the Gathering
Shoe Tying
Snap Circuits
Bodhran Drumming
Cartoon Enthusiasts Club
Fashion Pattern Making Classes
Conservation Officer Career
Miraculous Ladybug
First Grade Circle
Private Math Tutoring Elementary Age
Electric Guitar
Screenplay Writing
Italian Language
Wildlife Sanctuaries
Farming Simulation
Cell Phone Manners
Beading Skills
Texas History
Embroidery Skills
Jewelry Making
Using a Graphic Calculator
How to Start a Webtoon

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