Outschool’s 2023 Community Themes
Each month, the Learner Community invites Outschool families to join events and classes aligned with a monthly theme. Learn how you can participate by creating themed courses and encouraging learners to participate in challenges, groups, and more.

Parents and kids tell us that our supportive, collaborative global community is a big part of why they choose to learn with Outschool. As we strive to stay connected throughout 2023, Outschool invites families and educators to participate in monthly themed events and classes. Each quarter has an overarching theme (for example, the theme for January-March is Diversity), and then each month focuses on a topic within that theme.

Learners will be encouraged to join free groups, contests, and gatherings hosted by the Outschool Community Team, and educators can create themed classes for the chance to be featured on the Learner Community page.

2023 Theme overview

ThemeMonthTopicThemed class guidelines
DiversityJanuaryOutschool Maker’s Month: Make Your YearThemed classes should support learners as they make or create something.
DiversityFebruaryOutschool Around the World: Celebrating Our Global Community Themed classes should inspire learners to appreciate the diversity of the world around them and/or on Outschool.
DiversityMarchWorld Arts and Literature Month: Exploring Diversity in Literature and the ArtsThemed classes should feature or encourage exploration of authors and artists from around the world.
TalentAprilMoney Makers Month: Using your talents to be a smart money maker, saver, and spenderThemed classes should focus on budgeting, business, or other financial skills.
TalentMayOutschool Talent ShowThemed classes should help learners develop a skill or talent that they could share in the Outschool Talent Show.
TalentJuneOutschool STEAM Month, feat. The Outschool Science FairThemed classes should focus on a science, technology, engineering, arts, and/or math project that learners could share in the Outschool Science Fair.

…July-December coming soon!

How to participate in community themes as an educator

Learners like seeing the Outschool team at our virtual events—but they love seeing their favorite educators. Going the extra mile by promoting and participating in community events like our Edventure conferences and themed months can help you amplify your impact on Outschool. You have the chance to draw in new learners, build stronger relationships with your current families, and have some creative fun.

With a different theme every month, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to teach themed classes and help learners feel more connected to their Outschool community.

1. Create a themed class

If you teach (or could teach) classes related to a monthly theme—we want to share your listings with learners! We’ll be selecting listings submitted through this form to showcase every month on the Learner Community page. You can submit any existing classes that align with one of our monthly themes, or create new classes for the chance to be featured.

We encourage you and your learners to get creative when thinking about themed topics. How could you connect a cooking class to famous artists from around the world? What would a scientist share in a talent show?

Better yet—intentionally connect your themed class to other classes that you offer. If you attract first-time enrollments from new families with your themed listings, make sure those new learners have the chance to re-enroll in another class with you right away. Or encourage existing learners to try out a new themed class that relates to their current studies with you!

You may submit themed classes 2-4 weeks before each month begins. We will stop accepting submissions 2 weeks before the first of each month. This gives our team time to add your classes to the Learner Community and monthly theme pages.

2. Encourage learners to join in

If your teaching expertise doesn’t quite align with one month, you can still participate as a community member! Share this page and announce upcoming monthly themes in your regularly scheduled classes to motivate learners to participate. If you’re a parent yourself—consider enrolling your kids in themed classes or free community events.

Each month you’ll find contests, groups, events, and more posted on the Learner Community page, so check back frequently and review the calendar above to stay in touch with what’s happening on Outschool.

We encourage you amplify monthly themes and programs however you can! We all benefit from a strong, enthusiastic community of learners and families on Outschool.

3. Join a Community of Practice

Finally, if you haven’t joined an Outschool Community of Practice (COP) yet, it’s time to find your people. These small social networking groups for educators are one of the best ways you can stay plugged in to Outschool community events and hear about new opportunities to get involved.

Just find a group (or groups) that match your teaching subject and start getting to know your peers on Outschool. COPs are great places to get inspiration for your business or class listings, ask questions, and be the first to know about exciting updates and events.

We can’t wait to see all of the amazing achievements, successes, and talents our community brings this year. If you have any questions about community themes, please feel free to reach out to community@outschool.com.

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