Outschool + Logitech: How to Enhance Your Online Classroom Experience
Explore tips from the digital technology experts at Logitech in our new educator training course. This course focuses on helping you optimize your on-screen teaching content and enhance the virtual classroom experience.

Outschool has partnered with Logitech, a leading computer accessories company, to develop a new educator training video course that shares best practices for creating a high-quality digital classroom. Improving the look, feel, and structure of your virtual classes not only makes class more accessible to your learners, it’s likely to lead to higher ratings, repeat enrollments, and satisfied families who will continue to refer new learners to your classes.

Over the course of 5 videos, you’ll hear from a variety of online education experts as they dive into the most important steps you can take to improve the on-screen learning experience for your classes. Each strategy is based on utilizing resources you already have in your home or teaching space, instead of specialized equipment and accessories.

Want to get a feel for what you’ll learn before committing to the (free) course? Let’s take a look a few of the key topics included in the training.

Setting the Stage

Correctly preparing your physical teaching space has a big impact on how learners see your virtual classroom. Set yourself up for an excellent class by learning:

  • How to choose the right lighting and frame your teaching space
  • What you can do to manage audio interference, even in a communal space
  • Easy ways to create a comfortable, healthy environment that enhances your teaching ability

Speaking & Presenting

Even if you’re comfortable speaking in front of a group in-person, talking to a screen is a whole new experience. Whether you’re new to Outschool or have been teaching online for a while, there are a few ways you could be enhancing your delivery of information. Logitech experts will dive into:

  • Ways to ensure your visual teaching aids are accessible to every learner
  • Creating a plan for how you’ll communicate each piece of information
  • How to protect the magic of learning – even when it’s through a screen

Approachability & Mindfulness

How do you draw learners in throughout your class? Do you have a mindfulness routine? Do you intentionally choose a position for your head, shoulders, and body? What about movement – do you or your learners intentionally move your bodies during class? Answer these questions and more, like:

  • What body language comes across as welcoming on screen – and what doesn’t
  • How to expand the learning experience past the limits of a computer
  • Which topics require which types of online instruction or learning aids

If you choose to take part in this new training, we want to know about your experience. After completing the coursemake sure to fill out the survey at the end of the training module to automatically be entered into a drawing to win a Logitech technology prize pack! The prize pack includes a C920 Webcam, H540 Headset, Yeti Nano Microphone, Spotlight Remote, M510 wireless Mouse, K780 Wireless keyboard for a total of a $350 value.

Start the video course now, and take your next step towards building a successful teaching business on Outschool.

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