Improvements to ongoing class metrics
We're excited to share some changes we've made to improve the accuracy of metrics associated with your ongoing classes.

Updates in this article were made in February 2021.

See a couple of the changes below:

  1. Surfacing the Feedback button for active ongoing enrollments

Parents now see the button to leave feedback on the Enrollment page once they’ve been enrolled in an ongoing class for a week. Previously, they had to navigate to the Transcripts page to find that button for ongoing classes. We’re hoping this change makes it easier for parents to leave feedback and give you more actionable insights into how to run your classes.

  1. Counting active ongoing classes and enrollments towards public metrics
    The “Completed by X learners” metric on ongoing classes, as well as the “X completed classes” on your teacher bio, will now count ongoing sections & ongoing enrollments that have been active for at least a week.

Previously, these numbers would only increase once you ended the ongoing section.

Note that in making the change to the “Completed by X learners” count, we did update our logic to explicitly count the number of unique learners who had enrolled in the class. Previously, a learner who had enrolled in multiple sections would be double-counted. As a result, some teachers may see a small decrease in that “Completed by X learners” count.

Overall, we hope that these numbers provide more accurate metrics about your ongoing classes to parents.

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