How to Become a Featured Educator
Learn how educator profiles are highlighted for prospective parents on the Outschool home page.

To help prospective parents and learners get to know stellar educators on Outschool, we maintain a Featured Educators section on the “logged-out” version of our home page. If a user who isn’t logged in to an Outschool account visits the Outschool home page, this is what they’ll see as they scroll:

Being featured here increases your chances of connecting with interested families and boosting enrollments from new learners. Heads up: You won’t see this section if you’re logged in to your teaching account on Outschool. To see it in action, either log out or open a private browsing window and go to

The Featured Educators carousel will randomly rotate through a list of educators who meet certain criteria. These criteria are based on our observations and research on high-quality educators teaching on Outschool.

Here’s how educators can qualify to be featured:

  • Have at least 15 reviews
  • Have an average star rating is ≥ 4.9 (when measured over the past year)
  • Teach at least 50 learners
  • Host at least 20 meetings
  • Offer a section in the next 30 days

The last bullet point – offering a section within the next 30 days – is most often how educators can temporarily fall off this list of eligible Featured Educators. It’s included as a requirement because if a new parent clicks through to a featured educator profile, we want to be sure they can enroll in a class right away.

As of November 2021, there are over 1200 educators & organizations eligible to be featured on the home page! If you don’t meet the qualifications above right now – don’t worry. You always have the chance to become a Featured Educator as you teach more classes and start receiving those positive reviews!

Looking for tips on how to create an outstanding online class experience? Explore our free professional development courses designed just for Outschool educators!

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