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Be an EPIC CONNECTED educator by leveraging the Outschool platform, global community, and technology to connect with learners, parents and colleagues!

Be an EPIC CONNECTED educator by leveraging the Outschool platform, global community, and technology to connect with learners, parents and colleagues!

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Check out what some of Outschool’s Empowering educators do to bring EPIC experiences to their learners!

Teacher Jorge – I treat every learner with unique time. I address and assure every learner that their voice and opinions will be heard. When I hear learners express themselves I give them ample opportunity to do so. Especially during these times when they don’t have a physical classroom and more time to express their thoughts it is crucial to hear them. Many times we are tempted to skip over the quiet or shy learner to make the class run smoothly. I take those moments to actively reach out and assure them that they and their thoughts matter to me.

Tammy Wenhame – Today’s students are tech-savvy. We, as teachers, should exemplify the use of technology in our best teaching practices. I love to connect an iPad in my live classes, and use my favorite app, Notability with an iPencil. Students love the intrinsic and natural flow of this app and the fun, cool reward stickers I can tag onto the page. I exclusively use Explain Everything, Notability, and iMovie for creative instructional videos for my flex classes. Finally, I handcraft each of my instructional worksheets and webpages.

Latonya Moore – I welcome each learner by name as they enter the classroom. I ask them about their day and week. My learners know that I see, hear, and know them. I also give my learners space to be themselves, and I believe this encourages them to be willing to share and be open in our classroom. I also love it when we have time to answer a random question about ourselves. I participate and share too so that it is a one-way conversation.

Ms. Carrie – Building connections is something I prioritize as high importance when teaching and planning my classes. I believe and have seen the value when you truly connect with your learners. I do this in a few ways: One thing I do that seems to stand out is a special wall in my “classroom.” The learners can send me pictures of their classwork and/or artwork, and I will print it out and hang it up. The kids LOVE showing up to their next class and seeing their artwork hanging behind me! They light up! I also work hard to remember the little things they tell me and make even make notes if needed to bring them up again in the next class. I feel this shows I do care that I am listening and that I hear them. I also make a point to check on them if they miss a class. I know, I appreciate it if somebody notices when I am missing from an event. Lastly, I always make a point to welcome each student by name, call on them, and praise them throughout the class while purposely using each of their names. Overall, I want them to know they are not just another student on the screen to me. They are an individual that I really do care about and a special one at that!

Fizza Mohsin – When I don’t see a learner in the class, I make sure to message the family about their wellbeing and that we missed them. If I notice a child was upset or unhappy in the class and I wasn’t able to address it during the class, I’ll message them to check if they had any particular issues during the class and if they were able to follow well.

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