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Classes That Need Educators This Week
Bi-weekly insights on popular subjects, class times, and age groups with a high search volume but a low number of class listings.
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These topics currently have high demand and few class listings for the ages, times, and class formats below. How could you connect your passions to one of these subjects? Pay attention to the “Tip of the Week” for additional insights!

For more insights into what families are searching for, explore this week’s parent topic requests or enrollment trends.

January 5th, 2021

Search TermSubjectClass TypeAge RangePrice Per HourStart Time (PST)Tip of the Week
cookingLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-203:00 PMCooking clubs are still in demand. Try offering a themed ongoing cooking class!
pianoMusicongoing3-7$21-402:00 PMFamilies with learners 9+ are also looking for more private and group piano classes.
gymnasticsHealth & Wellnessongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMThe data shows that families prefer the ongoing class format for gymnastics.
actingArtsongoing8-12$0-202:00 PMLearners ages 15+ are looking for improv classes, as well.
sewingLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-2012:00 PMThere are strong demand signals for sewing classes hosted between 11am-5pm PST.
hip hopArtsongoing3-7$0-203:00 PMThe popularity of Tik Tok dances is still strong in 2022. Share your skills with our learners!
creative writingEnglishongoing8-12$0-209:00 AMThemed creative writing clubs are in high demand.
public speakingEnglishongoing8-12$0-202:00 PMFamilies of pre-teens are interested in more public speaking and debate classes.
sign languagesWorld Languagesshort-term3-8$0-201:00 PMThere’s a shortage of ASL classes starting after 5pm PST. Consider offering classes in that time slot to meet families’ needs!
bakingLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-201:00 PMSearches for cake baking and decorating classes have increased this week.
animationArtsongoing8-12$0-204:00 PMThere is still a need for animation class options in the ongoing and camp format.
music lessonsMusicongoing8-12$21-401:00 PMDrum and violin lessons are among the top searched instruments for music lessons this week.
montessoriEnglishongoing3-7$0-2010:00 AMSearches for Montessori classes are increasing each week, with high levels of interest coming from families of young learners ages 3-8.
chineseWorld Languagesongoing3-7$0-202:00 PMLearners ages 10-13 are looking for Chinese language classes, too.
mannersLife Skillsongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMTable manners classes are in the most demand. There’s also interest in teaching basic manners to dogs!
stock marketLife Skillsone-time8-12$0-204:00 PMInterest in stock market and cryptocurrency classes continues to increase.
roboticsCoding & Techongoing8-12$21-402:00 PMRobotics classes are still in high demand with learners ages 7-11.
martial artsHealth & Wellnessongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMYounger learners 3-8 years old are excited to begin their martial arts journey on Outschool.
Math SkillsMathongoing8-12$21-4011:00 AMAlgebra and statistics are the two most searched math skills this week.
graphic designCoding & Techongoing8-12$0-209:00 AMGraphic design classes teaching coding skills are in high demand.

December 9th, 2021

Search TermSubjectClass TypeAge RangePrice Per HourStart Time (PST)Tip of the Week
literatureEnglishongoing8-12$0-2010:00 AMDemand for 1:1 English and literature classes is up across all age groups.
cake decoratingArtsflex8-12$0-203:00 PMHere’s a new entry on our list! Try offering this subject as a one-time or multi-day class.
winter campsCoding & Techcamp8-12$160+9:00 AM“Winter Camps” is the top searched term this week. Think about converting your popular class into a camp this month!
bakingLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-201:00 PMBaking classes continue to be in demand. Have you thought of pairing another popular subject with baking? Baking + photography class, anyone?
gymnasticsHealth & Wellnessongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMFamilies are looking for more intermediate-level gymnastics classes.
sewingLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-2012:00 PMWe’re seeing searches for more sewing classes after 1:00pm PST, as well.
speech/debateEnglishongoing8-12$0-202:00 PMDemand for debate classes for learners 5-6 years old is growing.
violinMusicongoing8-12$21-401:00 PMPrivate violin lessons are still the preference of most searchers. Consider turning on auto-scheduling so that parents can see your availability.
hip hopArtsongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMHip-hop is still in demand! Mix up your offerings with trivia, dance workout classes, or even a hip-hop appreciation club!
guitarMusicongoing8-12$21-401:00 PMThe demand for intermediate-level guitar lessons is up.
animationArtsongoing8-12$0-204:00 PMWe’re seeing a spike in demand for animation classes for ages 6-7.
photographyArtsongoing8-12$0-2010:00 AMFamilies are looking for photography classes for their younger learners, as well.
american sign languageWorld Languagesongoing3-7$0-202:00 PMAre you proficient in American Sign Language? Target a new segment of learners by offering a section of your most popular class taught in ASL!
mannersLife Skillsongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMFamilies with learners between ages 10-13 are searching for classes on manners.
makeupArtsongoing8-12$0-204:00 PMOlder learners are looking for special effects make-up classes.
roboticsCoding & Techongoing8-12$21-402:00 PMRobotics classes with a small teacher to student ratio perform best on the platform.
graphic designCoding & Techongoing8-12$0-209:00 AMGraphic design classes using popular software such as Photoshop and Canva are in demand.
fitnessHealth & Wellnessongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMSearches for boxing-themed fitness classes are on the rise for all ages!
knittingArtsongoing8-12$0-201:00 PMTake advantage of seasonal interests by pairing your knitting class with holiday gift-making.
karateHealth & Wellnessongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMAges 5-7 are still the sweet spot for karate class offerings.

November 30th, 2021

Search TermSubjectClass TypeAge RangePrice Per HourStart Time (PST)Tip of the Week
cookingLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-203:00 PMCooking continues to be a top searched topic this season. The demand from older learners 14+ is growing.
winter campsCoding & Techcamp8-12$160+1:00 PMFamilies are looking for winter camp ideas. Use the topics on this list as inspiration for a winter camp concept!
gymnasticsHealth & Wellnessongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMNow is the perfect time to list a gymnastics winter camp.
sewingLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-2012:00 PMTry theming your sewing class around upcoming holidays, and be sure to offer some morning options.
public speakingEnglishongoing8-12$0-202:00 PMFamilies with older learners are looking for public speaking classes.
guitarMusicongoing8-12$21-401:00 PM1:1 guitar lessons are in high demand. Make your class stand out by adding a guitar history element!
hip hopArtsongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMLearners are looking to stay on top of the latest dance trends.
violinMusicongoing8-12$21-401:00 PMFamilies are also searching for 1:1 violin lessons after 5:00 pm PST.
animationArtsongoing8-12$0-204:00 PMThere’s a shortage of animation class options in the ongoing and camp format – can you fill that gap?
photographyArtsongoing8-12$0-2010:00 AMOur most successful photography classes this month target learners 13+.
creative writingEnglishongoing8-12$0-209:00 AMFamilies are also looking for creative writing classes that take place in the evening PST.
american sign languageWorld Languagesongoing3-7$0-202:00 PMLearners ages 11-13 are looking for American Sign Language classes.
typingCoding & Techongoing3-7$0-203:00 AMOlder learners are searching for ways to increase their speed on the keyboard!
roboticsCoding & Techongoing8-12$21-402:00 PMFamilies with learners ages 5-8 are showing an increased interest in robotics classes.
magicArtsongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMIf you rather not give away your secrets, try offering a group magic show!
makeupArtsongoing8-12$0-204:00 PMPairing make-up tutorials with storytelling is a popular trend.
Minecraft codingCoding & Techongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMLearners are looking for more ongoing Minecraft classes
dramaArtsongoing8-12$0-204:00 PMTheatre and comedy clubs are in high demand, but there aren’t currently very many options for learners 13+.
graphic designArtsongoing8-12$0-209:00 AMThere is a shortage of ongoing graphic design courses across all age groups.
financial skillsLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-2011:00 AMConsider diving into the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies in your financial skills course!

November 11th, 2021

Search TermSubjectClass TypeAge RangePrice Per HourStart Time (PST)Tip of the Week
cookingLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-203:00 PMThe festive flavor of pumpkins makes the fall season feel complete. Try offering some classes featuring unique pumpkin dishes before winter hits!
codingCoding & Techongoing3-7$0-203:00 PMOlder learners 13+ are also looking for more coding options! Try offering a few sessions for this audience.
bakingLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-201:00 PMSearches for holiday-themed baking classes are on the rise!
gymnasticsHealth & Wellnessongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMLearners ages 4-6 need more options in the early mornings!
guitarMusicongoing8-12$21-$401:00 PMFamilies often enjoy the larger group guitar lesson experience. Try setting your minimum to 5+ learners.
actingArtsongoing3-7$0-202:00 PMVoice acting is increasing in popularity with our learners.
sewingLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-2012:00 PMTrying hooking interested sewers by teaching how to make a holiday-themed item.
photographyArtsongoing8-12$0-2010:00 AMSemester and ongoing class formats are the most popular with young photographers.
animationArtsongoing8-12$0-209:00 AMTry theming your animation class with a topic that will resonate with learners ages 6-10 (like Roblox).
violinMusicongoing8-12$21-$401:00 PM1:1 or small group violin lessons book more frequently than large group classes.
hip hopArtsongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMHip Hop is a staple on this list! Try your hand at offering a Hip Hop fitness class or even a Hip Hop dance party if it’s within your teaching expertise.
american sign languageWorld Languagesongoing8-12$0-202:00 PMShort courses with a focus area or theme have been the most successful ASL classes on Outschool.
dramaArtsongoing8-12$0-204:00 PMSome learners are interested in 1:1 acting tutoring, instead of a group class.
makeupArtsongoing8-12$0-204:00 PMNeed inspiration? Laura Le, Manny Mua, and Jackie Aina are some YouTube makeup artists whose videos may spark an idea!
footballLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-209:00 AMLearners love talking game strategy, fantasy football, and picking winners.
roboticsCoding & Techongoing8-12$21-$4010:00 AMMany families are looking for after-school robotics clubs.
financial skillsLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-209:00 AMBudgeting, credit, the stock market, and bitcoin are all popular interest areas in finance.
chemistryScience & Natureongoing8-12$0-2010:00 AMTraditional chemistry, chemistry & cooking, and science experiments are frequent searches.
italianWorld Languagesongoing3-7$0-2010:00 AMOngoing, short, and semester courses are all popular formats for Italian language learning classes.
karateHealth & Wellnessongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMYounger learners are excited to begin their martial arts journey on Outschool.

October 31st, 2021

Search TermSubjectClass TypeAge RangePrice Per HourTime (PST)Tip of the Week
ArtArtsongoing3-7$0-209:00 AMArt comes in many different forms! Drawing is the most searched art class term.
CookingLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-203:00 PMEducators are having success pairing cooking with learning other skills such as math and languages.
BakingLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-201:00 PMTry theming your baking classes around upcoming seasonal events and holidays.
SewingLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-2012:00 PMThere is a growing number of young learners (5-6 yrs) with an interest in sewing.
GuitarMusicongoing8-12$21-401:00 PM1:1 guitar classes are the most popular class format for this topic.
Book ClubEnglishongoing8-12$0-2010:00 AMTrying offering a book club after school hours. There seems to be interest!
PhotographyArtsongoing8-12$0-2010:00 AMThe ongoing class format is a great avenue to share your knowledge of photography with learners.
Hip HopArtsongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMLearners want to know how to master the latest Tik Tok dance trends!
Minecraft CodingCoding & Techongoing3-7$0-201:00 PMConsider offering these classes for the 10-12 yr age group, as well.
AnimationArtsongoing8-12$0-209:00 AMFamiles are looking for more semester and ongoing animation classes.
ViolinMusicongoing3-7$21-401:00 PMThere is currently a lack of sections for younger learners and after 4pm PST.
American Sign LanguageWorld Languagesongoing8-12$0-202:00 PMConsider connecting ASL to a holiday, song, or a learning goal.
FootballLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-209:00 AMFootball means a different sport in different countries! 🏈⚽️
PreschoolEnglishongoing3-7$0-207:00 AMFamilies prefer classes with 6 or fewer learners.
RoboticsCoding & Techongoing8-12$21-4010:00 AMOngoing and short-term robotics club classes are having success.
DramaArtsongoing8-12$0-201:00 PMImprov, acting, and theater are all popular forms of drama classes.
KoreanWorld Languagesongoing3-7$0-2010:00 AMInterests in Korea expand beyond the language, including history, culture, cooking and K-Pop.
AlgebraMathongoing8-12$21-409:00 AMAlgebra appeals to learners of all ages.
Financial SkillsLife Skillsongoing8-12$0-209:00 AMConnect Financial Skills with traditional math subjects.
MakeupArtsongoing8-12$0-203:00 PMCheck out Instagram and TikTok to see what is trending with make-up influencers.

October 17th, 2021

Search TermClass Times (PST)Age RangeTarget Class TypePrice Per Hour
Robotics10am – 3pm 8-11Ongoing, Camp$21-30
Cooking & Baking6am – 10am6-13Ongoing$11-20
Karate12pm – 3pm4-10Ongoing$11-20
Chess6am – 6pm5-12Ongoing, Semester$11-20
Debate8am – 5pm 8-14Ongoing. Short-term$11-20
Singing7am – 4pm3-11Ongoing, one-time$11-20
Axolotl7am – 5pm 7-11One-time$11-20
French7am – 2pm 4-14Ongoing, one-time$11-20
Animal Crossing10am, 2pm – 4pm 7-11Ongoing $11-20
Drawing7am – 4pm4-12One-time$11-20
Pokemon6am – 4pm4-10Ongoing, one-time$11-20
Video Editing7am – 5pm 9 – 13Camp$11-20
Escape Room7am – 5pm 5-12One-time$11-20
Gymnastics7am – 4pm3-11Ongoing$11-20
Sewing7am – 1pm 6-12One-time, short$11-20
Animation9am – 4pm 8-13One-time, Camp$11-20
Football8am – 4pm 8-13Ongoing$11-20
Gaming9am – 5pm 7-13Ongoing $11-20
Drum Lessons8am – 8pm 8-13Ongoing, 1:1$41-50

For more insights, check out what learners are searching or this week’s top parent topic requests.

October 3rd, 2021

Popular Search TermPopular Class  Times (PST)Target  Age RangePopular Target  Class TypePopular Price Per Hour
Gymnastics9am – 2pm4-8Ongoing$11-20
Karate12pm – 3pm4-9Ongoing$21-30
Cooking & Baking9am  – 5pm 7-14Ongoing, One-time$11-20
Robotics10am – 5pm8-13Ongoing, other$21-30
Chess9am – 6pm 6-11Ongoing, Semester$11- 20
Video Game Design8am – 2pm7- 11One time, Short-term$11-20
Sewing9am – 1pm 7-14Short-term, Ongoing$0 -20
Violin7am – 4pm 8-13Ongoing $51-60
Hip Hop7am – 4pm 4-11Ongoing, One-time$11-20

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