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Grow your following with these insights on what parents and learners outside of the U.S. and Canada are searching for on Outschool.

The grid below shows which class subjects, age groups, days, and times that families outside of the U.S. and Canada are searching for. These popular searches have few existing class listings – meaning there may be gaps you could fill to attract new learners.

For more inspiration for your next class, check out recent data on parent topic requests, classes that need educators, and enrollment trends.

How to interpret table data

Here’s an example of how to interpret this data. Say we see this on the age group table below:

Search TermAges 3-7Ages 8-10Ages 11-13Ages 14-18

In this example, we see that 63% of the time, people searching for “art” narrowed their search by also selecting classes for ages in the 3-7 range. In contrast, people only searched for ages 14-18 along with the term “art” 16% of the time. So, we can gather that more people are looking for art classes for younger learners. Since people can select multiple ages, days, or times when they search on Outschool, these percentages will not add up to 100%.

We’ve broken up these insights into three tables (one each for ages, days, and times) to make it easier to explore.

May 12th, 2022

Summer is quickly approaching in the Northern Hemisphere. Last summer, we saw significant growth in demand for camp classes from families in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Currently, there are few camps listed in morning (local time) for a few other global regions. Could you help meet demand by listing classes in any of the time frames below?
United Kingdom: 7am – 12pm GMT (1am – 6am Central Time)
United Arab Emirates: 7am – 12pm Dubai Time (10pm – 3am Central Time)
South Korea: 7am – 12pm KST (5pm – 10pm Central Time)

Insights by age

Search termAges 3-7Ages 8-10Ages 11-13Ages 14-18
beginner esl0%100%0%0%
creative writing18%55%18%18%
summer camp63%50%31%0%
essay writing18%55%36%9%
book club25%90%55%15%
wordly wise33%75%42%0%
escape rooms53%67%47%20%

Insights by day

Search termMon – FriSat – Sun
beginner esl0%100%
creative writing0%100%
summer camp100%57%
essay writing67%100%
book club90%100%
wordly wise100%100%
escape rooms75%75%

Insights by time (CT – Central Time Zone)

Search term1AM – 7AM7AM – NOON12PM – 7PM7PM – 1AM
beginner esl100%100%0%50%
creative writing100%100%0%50%
summer camp100%67%17%100%
essay writing100%100%0%33%
book club83%100%0%50%
wordly wise88%100%0%38%
escape rooms86%71%0%57%

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