We fixed 2 quick bugs this week that we want to call out:

  1. Teachers were encountering this issue when loading the teacher dashboard in some circumstances:

We've identified the issue and rolled out a fix.

2. There was an issue pressing this "Stop" button, if you wanted to end an ongoing class after the end of the week:

This button will work properly now. If you click the button (and confirm in the popup), your ongoing class will end at the end of this week. If any parents had already paid for the following week (e.g. if they enrolled today, this week's class had already taken place, and they paid for next week's class), they will be refunded, but parents will not be refunded for this week's class or classes.

Hope this causes less confusion and frustration!

As a reminder, you can bookmark this page to check up on future product updates for teachers.

Thanks for teaching on Outschool!