It's been a crazy summer for all. We've been busy trying to keep pace with the surge in demand. Here are some highlights for what we've released in the month of August.

Buyer Organizations

Companies can now offer Outschool classes as a perk for their employees. During this difficult time employers are looking for ways to alleviate the burden of juggling childcare and working from home. With this feature companies can either pay the full cost or a portion of the cost of classes for their employees. We have a lot of demand and are scaling up to activate more and more companies each week.

You can help spread the word by referring companies you know and earn $300 bonus for each successful partnership.

Sharing Favorite Class Lists

Parents and teachers can now share lists of favorite classes publicly. This is great way to promote and recommend classes to others. We are also using this actively within our promotions and partnerships. We're excited to see how our teacher and parent community use this.

Here's an example from Jeff, one the engineers that built this feature.

Classes Added to Google Online Events Search

Outschool classes are now listed on google events search. This gives your classes greater exposure to anyone using Google to search for online events.

Other Notable changes

Reduced Unnecessary Parent Messages - Removed a number of places where Parents can send unnecessary messages. In some cases this cut messages by 20-30% of messages some of our higher volume teachers were experiencing

Out of Age Range Warning - Parent facing alert when they are about to enroll learners in classes outside their age range. This has cut down out of age range enrollments by 30-50%.

Internal Incident Tracking - Better internal monitoring to track issues such as teacher plagiarism, parents adding extra learners, and other forms of negative behavior. This helps up keep the platform safe for learners and teachers.

We are staffing up our product and engineering team so we can make more improvements. Stay tuned for more updates. In the mean time send us your suggestions and feedback so we know how best to improve Outschool.