3 Tips on Promoting Your Class

Outschool's team will always do year-round marketing to promote the catalog of classes by targeting audiences on email and paid social media channels. Many teachers, however, also successfully promote their classes to their local communities.

As an Outschool teacher, you are an independent contractor, which means you have the freedom to design your own classes and customize the way you promote them. When sharing images and flyers online, we encourage teachers to use the official Outschool logo provided HERE.

We have also created the following suggestions for properly using the digital files. For printing the logo on physical items like t-shirts or stickers, we suggest visiting our online store for pre-designed items here: https://outschool.threadless.com/

1. Minimum Size

We recommend using a minimum digital size of 15 pixel

2. Contrast

Be sure to use enough contrast when including the logo in a photo

Check to see that the logo looks clear and high-quality. All parts of the logo should be visible. Also, be sure that the color of the logo is the same blue as it is in Outschool’s marketing.

3. Editing

When using the logo in another image, use Canva.com to make edits.If teachers need to use the logo on an original image, Canva is a fast and easy tool to do the job.

Here are steps to guide you through Canva:

Step 1 - Upload your image

Step 3 - Position it in the appropriate location

Check to make sure that the logo is not touching the edge of the picture. This will guarantee that the Outschool name is clear and visible.

Additionally, it’s best to use a small, single-color version of the logo. Large logos make the overall image too distracting for viewers.

We hope that this information helps you grow your teaching career on Outschool by guiding you through creating better promotional materials for your classes. By maintaining high standards and keeping a consistent brand identity, we can work together to ensure that Outschool is the best it can be for teachers, parents, and of course - learners. Thank you for teaching on Outschool!