**Update as of May 7 2020**
'Camps' are now multi-day classes that meet 2 or more times in the same week (previously 3+), and no longer need the the word "camp" in the title.

Outschool families are searching for summer experiences, and we are excited to introduce the new 'camp' length on our search page to help learners discover more multi-day classes so they can learn their favorite topics multiple days a week.

We need your help with stocking the summer with classes!

We suggest experimenting with high-demand formats like Multi-Day Camps and Ongoing Classes to develop a consistent schedule, re-engage past students, and increase long-term enrollments.

Multi-Day “Camps”

We are seeing significant growth in the multi-day camp format. Families are enrolling in camps to provide an accelerated learning experience from home and to help their learners build new skills.

To have your class listed under the “Camps” page, your class must meet the following requirements:

  • Meets 2 or more times within one week, and must be live format [NEW - previously 3 or more times]
  • Sections start within the May 2020 - August 2020 timeframe

Optional suggestions:

  • Camp can be any duration that is under 7 weeks long, but we suggest 1-2 weeks long
  • The class is a new listing with the word "camp" in its name

Schedule your summer camps here!

Ongoing Classes

We are also seeing more families subscribe to weekly “Ongoing Classes.” In the summertime, this format is helpful for parents they only need to enroll once without worrying about additional scheduling. As for teachers, Ongoing Classes are a great opportunity to earn recurring revenue and build a long-term following.

Schedule your ongoing classes!

​3 tips for preparing your summer schedule:

  • Optimize for discoverability | Consider using terms like "summer" "camp" to capture parents attention
  • Offer multiple start dates and times | We recommend 3+ available sections per class for the best parent response. Try mornings, afternoons, and evenings.
  • Experiment with themes | Create classes that link your academic expertise to topics that engage learner’s interests. For example, if you teach Algebra, try incorporating project-based or game-based themes into your class titles and descriptions.

For all other formats, we will continue with our year-round marketing to drive families to one-time, short, semester, and flex classes scheduled over the summer.

Like these past few weeks, summer may be unpredictable! However, we are already seeing families plan ahead to secure their learners’ spots, while other families may wait for the last minute. Thank you for helping us prepare and for scheduling your summer sections.